Hear Our Story

SSIS is Suzhou’s oldest and largest international school. We are a fully authorized IB World School offering a continuous IB curriculum. Our challenging core curriculum is focused on an international mindset to cultivate global citizens and life-long learners. Every day our 1100+ students (from 50 different nationalities) are challenged to actively participate in their education. We are proud to produce students who consistently perform well above world averages. It is why SSIS is one of the best schools in China.

Our school was founded over 20 years ago with you in mind. Today, the city of Suzhou is young and vibrant and it is full of expatriates like yourself. All those years ago when Suzhou was being developed, the Chinese and Singapore governments collaborated to strategically build our beautiful and dynamic city. During the development process the team recognized there would be a strong need for an international school to educate the children of the incoming expats. Today we are more fondly known as SSIS, Suzhou’s International School and although we no longer teach a Singaporean curriculum, we still keep Singapore in our official name as a reminder of our history.

Learn About Our Logo

We are often asked about our SSIS logo. It can be found across our school, on the uniforms, on the windows, even on our emergency exit signs. It doesn’t have an official name, but there is a story behind it. The logo is meant to represent a student reclining on a sea of knowledge and over the years we have used this logo as a reminder of what we hope to instill in all our students. Our philosophy is to educate students to become lifelong learners, igniting a passion in them to be curious and stay curious. The reclining student stands as a reminder to us that it’s not just about passion and curiosity, but also the joy of learning.

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