The Curriculum

Inquiry-Based Learning

We know that a child’s interests can lead to exploration, discovery and understanding of the world. That’s why our IB Learning approach Integrates Science, Language, Art, Music and Math throughout the day to make learning fun while giving your child the ability to contextualize the world around them. Our Early Years teachers are IB-trained to positively direct activities and foster child-initiated learning.

Learning Through Play

Our play-based learning approach encourages children to be creative and inquisitive, and to explore the world around them. For little learners this takes the form of role play and other creative exploration in the classroom. Learning happens organically and naturally. You’ll find your child coming home each day wanting to show you what they have done that day.

Right Experiences at the Right Time

Research shows that introducing a skill when a child is truly ready leads to mastery instead of frustration. At SSIS we enable our children to build on the skills they already possess so that connecting the next one comes naturally. This is the key to making learning so much fun! Before you know it, you have a confident child who loves to learn. By the end of our Kindergarten program you will have a real little reader and writer!

Access our sample schedule here.

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