The IB Philosophy

At SSIS we are proud to be an International Baccalaureate (IB) World School offering the IB curriculum from Nursery to Grade 12.

The IB is a highly respected programme of international education that develops the intellectual, personal, emotional and social skills needed to live, learn and work in a rapidly globalizing world.

At SSIS students learn how to learn. Students are able to take responsibility for their own learning and are encouraged to try different approaches to learning.

We help students to:

  • ask challenging questions
  • think critically
  • develop research skills proven to help them in higher education.

We encourage students to be active in their communities and to take their learning beyond academic study.

The three programmes:

The Primary Years Programme (PYP), for students from Nursery to Grade 5, prepares students to become active, caring, lifelong learners who demonstrate respect for themselves and others and have the capacity to participate in the world around them. It focuses on the development of the whole child. Learn more

The Middle Years Programme (MYP), for students from Grade 6 to 10, is a challenging framework that encourages students to make practical connections between their studies and the real world, the MYP is inclusive by design; students of all interests and academic abilities can benefit from their participation. Learn more

The Diploma Programme (DP), for students in Grades 11 and 12, aims to develop students who have excellent breadth and depth of knowledge – students who flourish physically, intellectually, emotionally and ethically. The DP is a demanding two-year curriculum leading to final examinations and a qualification that is welcomed by leading universities around the world. Learn more

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