The “A” in CAS stands for ACTIVITY. The IB organization encourages all students to participate in sports or a physical activity with the theory that physical exertion contributes to a healthy lifestyle and complements academic work.

At SSIS we believe that sports play a key role in developing balanced students. This is why we place a strong focus on our sports programming, encouraging all students to participate in the team sports we offer. Our school has fantastic sports facilities that include four indoor basketball courts, three all-purpose soccer fields, a competition sized swimming pool, an athletic track, tennis courts and multiple indoor spaces for fitness and dance. After school you can usually find our students practicing their jump shots in the gym, perfecting their backstroke in the pool or trying to outrun each other on the track.

We are proud to be a “no cut” school at junior secondary level meaning all of our students have the opportunity to participate on any sports team they wish. Core team sports in Volleyball, Basketball and Soccer have a full season of home and away games while other sports including Badminton, Cross Country, Tennis, Track and Field have a series of lead up events and culminate with season ending final event.

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