DragonNet is our virtual learning environment available for parents, teachers and students to support learning.

The DragonNet Parent Hub provides easy access to frequently needed resources including current lunch menus and bus schedules. Here you will find important information including student polices and practical information.Parents will receive login details of their DragonNet accounts via email. This is usually sent out around the second day your child has been enrolled in our school. Parents & caregivers will be given a family account to access their student’s information. If the password is forgotten it can be reset through the parent password reset form.

The DragonNet Student Hub is used to support course work in our Secondary School. Students have one username and password for Student Email, DragonNet and DragonTV. They will receive this account during their first week at school. If a password is forgotten, every teacher is able to reset it.

The DragonNet Staff Hub page is meant to be a central repository of everything teachers need to do their jobs. Teachers and staff have access to policies, procedures and guidelines, professional learning information, core curriculum documents and HR information.

Go to DragonNet (password required)

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