2020-2021 8TH ISSUE (14 DECEMBER) 

Message from Head of School
Samer Khouri, Head of School

Last week was the start of Hanukah, in a couple of weeks, we will celebrate Christmas and the new year and soon after, we will celebrate the Chinese New Year. Despite the difficulties, I take the opportunity to wish you one and all, a wonderful celebration and a happy occasion. Enjoy the break and please stay safe. 

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SSIS recognized with industry award for Excellence in China’s Education Sector
Erica Wu, Marketing Senior Executive

SSIS was recently awarded the "2020 International School Educational Power Star" at the Echo China International Education ceremony hosted by Tencent Education in Beijing. This event was attended by more than 300 guests from education authorities, international schools, educational research institutions, international exchange institutions.

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Grade 4 Celebration of Learning

On Tuesday 24 November, Grade 4 had the privilege of hosting their parents for their first parent event at SSIS in a long time. The How We Express Ourselves unit is a highly collaborative unit where Homeroom, Music and Art specialists combine to help students inquire into the art of persuasion. 

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Habitat for Humanity Leaders?

This year the SSIS Habitat for Humanity Club continued their tradition of “Football for Humanity”. We have hosted this event for over 7 years, and we had a great turnout. Six teams played and games were friendly, yet competitive.?? 

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Bridgette Miller, Director of Marketing & Admissions?

Over the last three months our SSIS secondary students have been busy preparing for the opening of the musical. The time has finally come for them to present ‘The Addams Family Musical'. The cast consists of 87 students from Grade 6-12 and staff, including performers, crew, orchestra, student assistant directors and the director.

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Calendar 2021-2022

Just a quick note to inform you that next year's academic calendar 2021-2022 will be published mid-January 2021 in order to ensure that we have received all the official Chinese public holidays.

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