Health of Students attending school

  • Students must show the green Jiangsu Health Code to enter the school campus and the student survey completed.
  • If you child is unwell for any reason they MUST NOT come to school. Please keep them at home for observation or see a doctor.
  • Please monitor your child’s health regularly. If your child has a temperature of over 37.3°C they cannot go to school.

Students must be in China 14 days prior to entry to campus. 

Face Masks

We have received notification from the MOE that staff and students are no longer required to wear masks while on school campus. Students are still required to wear masks when travelling to and from school via the school bus and public transport. All other precautionary measures remain in place while on campus.

Getting to and entering the school campus


Students traveling by school bus:

  • Students traveling by school bus will have their temperature taken before boarding the bus. Any student with a temperature over 37.3°C will not be allowed to take the bus to school.


  • Students from Pre-Nursery to Grade 5 must have a parent with them at the bus stop every morning just in case the student is not allowed to board the bus and needs to go home.


  • Students in Grade 6 to 12 will be asked to inform their parents immediately if they are not allowed to take the school bus and make their way home.

Students walking to school, travelling by car, bike or public transport

  • All students must arrive at Gate 1, the school’s main gate, to enter the school and have their temperature taken.
  • Any student with a temperature over 37.3°C will not be allowed to enter the school.
  • Students from Pre-Nursery to Grade 5 should have a parent with them just in case the student is not allowed to enter school and need to go home.
  • Any student not allowed to enter the school will be moved to a waiting area for parents to come to school and take their child home.

Dropping-Off and Picking-Up students from Gate 1

  • Parents are NOT ALLOWED to enter the school campus and must drop-off their child and pick them up at Gate 1.
  • Teachers and Teacher Assistants will be at Gate 1 to help take younger students to class.
  • Parents are kindly asked to move away from Gate 1 once they have dropped-off or picked-up their child(ren) and avoid overcrowding.


Hygiene Education

Posters are displayed around the school with hand washing and mask wearing instructions.

The following hand washing method will be taught:

  • Wash your hands with running water, use soap or hand sanitizer, dry hands with a disposable paper tissue or clean towel. There are seven steps to washing hands correctly:

Step 1: Rub two palms together

Step 2: Rub hands and palms together, left and right cross scrubbing

Step 3: Rub hands and fingers together

Step 4: Hold fingers together, bend joints of fingers, and rub hands together

Step 5: Hold thumbs, rotate and rub hands

Step 6: Rotate and rub the fingertips of one hand in the other palm and switch for the other hand

Step 7: Hold the other wrist in one hand and rotate it for rubbing and switch for the other hand.

  • Hand washing is required in the following situations: after coughing or sneezing; before and after eating; before and after drinking, after break; after using the toilet; when hands are dirty; after sports; after physical contact with others; after coming back in from outside the classroom; before and after delivering items.
  • The school will also provide hand sanitizer in all classrooms and outside the canteen.


Lunch and Break Time in the School Canteen

  • Students will have a specific lunch time to prevent overcrowding in the canteen.
  • Students will all sit at tables facing one direction.
  • Students will not be allowed to sit opposite each other.



  • In Grades 1 to 12, students will sit at desks / tables facing in one direction.
  • In Early Years, classrooms will be organised to maximise social distancing.


Disinfection of common areas of the school campus

  • The main common areas of the school including the school corridor, staircase handrails, conference rooms, lifts, toilets and other public parts will be disinfected every day.
  • The bathrooms will be disinfected many times each day, including when students are at school.


Disinfection of classrooms, including specialist classrooms

  • A disinfection schedule will be in place for all classrooms and specialist classrooms.


What happens if a student is unwell during the day?

  • Our nurse station remains open at all times during the school day and will treat common ailments in accordance with normal school procedure.
  • If a student is suspected of having a fever, they will be moved to a medical isolation room and the student’s parents will be informed immediately and asked to come to school to take the student home for further observation, to see a doctor, or to attend a fever clinic.
  • Only if it is deemed a medical emergency will a student be taken to a fever clinic. Parents will be informed immediately.
  • If a student has a fever and must go home, a medical certificate must be provided to the school nurse in order for a student to return to school.


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