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SSIS Class of 2020 University Results
Elizabeth Watson, College Counselling Coordinator

This year we have a graduating cohort of 88 students. Of these, 50 students have currently received a total of 157 offers from universities across 9 different countries. The remaining students are still in the process of applying to, or waiting to hear from, universities in Korea, Singapore, Germany, Malaysia, Australia and New Zealand.

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Elementary School Production – Quest
Catherine Nicol, Elementary Principal

Last week we were treated to a wonderful Elementary School Production called "Quest." A lively mix of acting, singing and dancing, the students showed confidence and pizazz as they told the story of two young boys on a quest to save the characters of our much loved fairy tales. "Quest" takes traditional tales and puts a modern and witty twist on them that appeals to all ages.

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Early Years Dance Assembly
Jennifer Clarke, Nursery Teacher

Our dance assembly is an opportunity for classes and grade levels to tailor an event that provides students with an age appropriate way of sharing their joy and learning with the early years community – whilst impacting our wellbeing in positive ways.

Movement is a primary language.

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Thanksgiving Dinner
Caroline Anderson, PSP member

As the busy holiday season approaches, the SSIS community paused to celebrate a season of thankfulness. On Wednesday November 27th, the Parent Student Partnership, with the help of Sodexo held the annual Thanksgiving Dinner for students, staff, and their families.

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A Midsummer Night's Dream
Craig Fullerton, Events Coordinator

Congratulations to Ms Kimberly Jones, cast and crew of "A Midsummer Night's Dream" that took place this past weekend. A wonderful journey through the fairies' forest, colours and the wit of Shakespeare with a contemporary spin.

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Dawn Project
Maria Teresita Carreon, Secondary Science Teacher

The Dawn project is a service group made up of thirteen caring, passionate, and talented SSIS students. We aim to provide the gift of joy and creativity to children in Suzhou, and spread love and passion through music.

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SAVP Asian Dinner
SAVP Group

South Africa Vastfontein Project (SAVP) service committee held it's "Asian Dinner" on October 17th. The SAVP service committee is dedicated to advocating and raising money for the Vastfontein community and provides the children in South Africa with both financial support and physical improvements to their facilities each year with our annual visit during Camp Week.

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