Parent Involvement

One of the greatest strengths of SSIS is the partnership between school and home.

SSIS very much appreciates, values and encourages parent participation in our school. There are many ways parents can become involved, regardless of whether they have a lot of time to spare or work full-time. We love seeing parents on campus helping out, attending a parent class or just stopping by to have lunch with their child. There is no shortage of ways parents can contribute and actively participate in our dynamic school community.

Parent School Partnership

We have an active and lively Parent School Partnership (PSP) organization. The PSP is our parent-led group that works with our teachers and senior leadership team to continue the tradition of a strong international school community. Our inclusive parent group welcomes all nationalities and plans parent-led activities throughout the year. Whether you’d like to contribute to a bake sale, lead a cooking class, join the PSP executive board, or head up a committee for International Family Day, there are all kinds of ways to be involved at our school.

Meetings are held monthly in PSP room. Check our school calendar to attend the next meeting. If you would like to find out more about how you can be involved in the PSP and make a difference at SSIS, please send a note to .

International Family Day

International Family Day is an annual celebration of all the nationalities that make up the SSIS community.

The school’s spectacular annual International Family Day is organized by parents and staff.

This is the event on our school calendar that everyone looks forward to all year long. This fantastic occasion brings together the entire community celebrating national pride and international diversity. During the day everyone enjoys sampling food from the country stalls, winning raffle prizes, bidding on the country and class baskets, taking part in the games, and watching performances.

The SSIS International Family Day is a fun event suitable for all ages, organized by the school community for the school and wider Suzhou community. Funds raised from the event support local, national and international charities.

The day highlights what the families at SSIS stand for. Living in Suzhou most of us are far away from our homes and roots. On this day we celebrate our heritage and traditions together with our local families and community. As we proudly fly our flags, taste each other’s dishes, participate in games and perform on stage, borders cease to exist.

While International Family Day is a celebration of the many different nationalities present in the school community, its core aim is to raise money for charitable organizations in Suzhou and further afield.



IFD 2017

IFD 2016

IFD 2015

IFD 2014


PSP Committee

Parents Calendar

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