International Family Day 2019

On Saturday, 25 May 2019, we will be celebrating our 16th IFD! It will be a fabulous event for the whole family. Planning is in full swing, and anyone who is interested in getting involved or helping us can contact me.

Not only does International Family Day exist to celebrate the great diversity and amazing community of SSIS, it also allows us the privilege of supporting several local charities. Again this year, International Family Day will be using funds raised from the success of the event to support chosen local organizations close to our hearts and mission of serving children and families. In 2019, these designated organizations are:

Esther Rietberg, 2019 IFD Chair

    • SSIS Charity Committee
    • Bo’Ai School, Suzhou, SIP
    • Core of Youth, Care of the Young, Suzhou, SIP
    • Home Sweet Home

IFD Chair & Entertainment
Esther Rietberg

Vendors & Raffle
Celine Xu

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