Lunch Program

Lunch is seen as an important part of the day at SSIS. Studies show students that are given enough time to eat do better in class, are more focused and are overall better learners. Daily menus are thoughtfully prepared with both nutritional guidelines and taste in mind. For our younger students a well-balanced meal is offered daily and always includes plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables and protein. Our older students are able to choose from a wide variety of international cuisine. Whether it is a perfectly toasted sandwich, our famous bibimbap that uses one of our own mom’s secret kimchi recipes or local Suzhou pork noodles, there is something for everyone.

Students are also welcome to bring a packed lunch every day. Please keep in mind we are a nut-free school and request you refrain from packing any food items that may contain nuts.

Pre Nursery - Grade 2

Pre-Nursery to Grade 2 students eat lunch in either our Early Years Dining Room or our Lower Canteen. Because we understand our littlest learners cannot always wait until lunchtime, all of our students enjoy a morning snack break at 10:30 every day. Full day Nursery to Pre-Kindergarten students also enjoy an afternoon snack at 3:00, before being dismissed for the day. Students from Pre-Nursery to Grade 2 will not require an SSISCard for meals; instead their Sodexo accounts will be debited based on daily lunch attendance provided by the school. Daily meals are carefully selected ensuring a nutritional balance.

Grades 3-12

Students in Grades 3 to12 eat lunch in our Upper Canteen. Each day they are able to make their own choice from the wide range of international options we offer. Our Upper Canteen is truly an international culinary experience. Students are able to choose from the sandwich bar, the western food stand, the Korean favorites stall, the Japanese rice bowl, a traditional Chinese choice or our noodle bar. Students have control over their Sodexo accounts on the SSISCard that work on a declining balance.

Lunch Payment Options

Our lunch program is provided in partnership with Sodexo, the worldwide leader in school lunch providers. All Sodexo lunch accounts are loaded on the student’s SSISCard and work as a declining balance system. Accounts can be loaded in person or remotely via WeChat. Sodexo accepts cash, AliPay, WeChat and Chinese credit cards or bank cards.

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