School Counselling Services

At SSIS we recognize that the adolescent years can sometimes be difficult. When you add an international move into the mix and the uncertainty of starting at a new school, it is natural for students to experience anxiety. We understand this can happen and we are here for not only our students, but also our parents as well. At SSIS we provide a range of support programmes for students to help deal with some of the difficulties in transitioning. Our caring counseling staff and teachers are here to address the needs of our diverse learning population through the development of self-awareness, self-assurance and resilience in our students.
Pastoral expertise and emotional support at SSIS is provided by our school counselling team. The team is always ready to support students or families if the need exists. Working collaboratively with students, our team of counsellors build strong relationships and confidential bonds with students, encouraging them to explore their feelings, actions and relationships within the community. Students may self-refer or be referred by parents, staff or other students.
Counselling for our Early Years and Elementary students takes place in our cheerful and well-equipped Messy Play Room, fondly known as the messy play room. Children are encouraged to utilize a variety of mediums including painting, drawing, sand play and clay modelling to better express themselves and their feelings. This play-based philosophy allows our students to feel comfortable and at ease in their environment. Classroom teachers have a major responsibility for pastoral care and work closely with parents, while our Elementary School counselors support and nurture development.
Counselling for our Secondary students takes place in our counselling center. This is a safe zone in our school where students are free to express their thoughts, talk through their actions and work through emotions. Our counsellors are also on call to support students in times of stress, anxiety, and other mental health concerns. Our homeroom teachers also take a structured approach and focus on topics including conflict resolution, time management, cyber-safety, and online ‘netiquette’ with our students. Additional pastoral expertise and support is provided by our School Counsellors who are always available and ready to help students or families in need.
Apart from student emotional support our counselling team plays an active role in the development of the SSIS wellbeing program and curriculum. Our counsellors regularly host parent and student workshops, coffee mornings themed around emotional well-being and other supportive community events.

Meet Our Team

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